Supportive learning environment

Baroque Music

From an Accelerated Learning course I learnt that baroque music is in sync with active brain waves. While students are working I often play some baroque music in the background.


An important part of any learning environment is the feedback.

refer to

  • Feedback is provided for all assessments via a set of spreadsheets > LMS
  • Progress feedback provided using bars in LMS – keeps students informed of progress at it happens and avoids the “how is the marking going/have you finished marking questions”

Indirect teaching: Floptical bunny

Early on in my teaching, when mice were just gaining popularity (around 1995)  many students lacked the skills to use one (surprisingly). In order ro help students learn mouse skills and learn about computer hardware, I created a story about some “techo bunnies!”.  A cartoon strip was created using Windows help files. Many students were introduced to the basics of computing using this. (Other staff also used this in their classes)



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