What is Google Analytics?

Allows you to track how busy your blog really is. And its free!

How do I do it?

  1. Surf to http://www.google.com/analytics/
  2. Sign in (if you are already have a gmail account this is real easy!)
  3. Analytics: New Account Signup
    Enter the URL (in my case this was virtualmv.edublogs.org, and the account name was automatically created). Fill in the other stuff.
  4. Analytics: Tracking instructions
    Read if you want to but take note of the number that starts with “UA-######-#” that’s the number you need to type in later.

And that’s all for google … now eduBlog

  1. Login to your EduBlog account as administrator (duh!)
  2. On the dashboard choose Plugins and scroll down (unless you have a large screen), and click Activate on Google Analytics
  3. A new tab appears next to Plugins (near the top of the screen) called Google Analytics, so click on it!
  4. In the Analytics User Account box type in the number you wrote down in set 4. (UA-######-#) and click Update UA String

.. and that’s it… Go to http://www.google.com/analytics/ and login to get the statistics…(There is a checker here to make sure it is actually working)