Backing up Twitter Posts

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From Steph

Microsoft Tech Ed Online 2010

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Videos from the Microsoft Tech Ed – link from Paul Lo

WebM Open video format for web (from Google)

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Will this be the new web video format H.264 has issues with ownership..

Warren, C. (2010, May) Google Introduces the WebM Video Format. Retrieved from

ExitReality – view web in 3d

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From our 3D guru Claire

On YouTube:

Not too sure how well it works – tried my site but each link flips back into 2D

The Social Media Cheatsheet (Infographic)

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From Joyce

infographic that explains almost in detail everything about the social media channels, all in one comprehensive, brief picture. 10 social media channels are illustrated here including Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Linked In, Digg, Stumble Upon, Yahoo Buzz, Reddit and Delicious,

Ways To Jazz Up A Virtual Classroom

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A link from Joyce

Flickr public search problems

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Having problems with Flickr finding my photos (not that there’s many!!). A solution (so far) indicates that need to click on “Flag this photo” bottom right , and make sure “Hide this photo from public search was unchecked”. Search still not working, but sometimes engines take a while to catch up .. (here’s hoping). Any better solutions?

Anyway the solution to my problem is a little embarrassing 😦 – Flickr requires at least 5 photos to be added before they become searchable ….

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