Active Learning with PowerPoint #vmvdlt

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Active Learning with PowerPoint. A tutorial designed to help you capitalize on those aspects of PowerPoint that lend themselves best to engaging students’ interests.

Microsoft Product keys

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Track down lost Microsoft product keys with ProduKey

Find your lost key for any properly installed Microsoft product with the help of this free tool.



PowerPoint – will not proceed to next slide

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Found out today that if the PowerPoint is set to Kiosk mode (In Office 2010 buried in Slide Show > Set up slide show > Show slide type) then it will only display the first slide and clicking (or using arrows) to go to the next slide doesn't work

Hidden text in Word 2007 and password protecting

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Just a couple of Word things that I need when preparing examination papers!!

How do you remove Hidden Text from a Word Document?

Working with a copy of the document (just in case!!)

  • Use Office button (or File) > Prepare > Inspect document > [Inspect]
  • You will see the Hidden  Text option and a button [Remove All]

How do you add a password to your document?

  • Use Office button (or File) > Prepare > Encrypt document and enter your password
  • then re-enter it to make sure.

Warning – it is pretty well impossible to recover the document if you forget the password!!

How do you remove a password from a file?

  • Use Office button (or File) > Prepare > Encrypt document and delete your password