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This post will be a record of things I discover while trying to set up a Bluetooth framework for teaching (so this post will actually be more like a wiki and change!)

1. Speakers.

2. Mouse.

Configuration issues

Problem: Device disconnects

It appears that by default Windows power saving kills a USB device. The mouse connected would die and not reconnect. To disable this you need to

  1. go to Start > type in “Device Manager” >
  2. Expand Bluetooth Radios >
  3. Right click on Generic Bluetooth Adaptor + Properties, and
  4. uncheck “Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power”


What is USB isochronous data transfer? #vmvwiki #vmvhw

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Have been trying to connect a web cam via an enhanced USB cable, but the audio is not very clear. Some discussion with JJ revealed that USB has different ways it transfers data.
isochronous is one way, and looks like my enhanced cable does not support this (I tried a non enhanced one and the audio was heaps better)
Check out http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/USB  for more info on USB.
Our next solution is to try and use a
Webcam>USB-Ethernet Adaptor>Ethernetcable>USB-Ethernet Adaptor>PC
Apparently this will allow up to 100m extension which should be enough for my classroom web cam.
Next stop is to find a pair of inexpensive USB-Ethernet adaptors !

Computing e-books for $5

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Computing e-books for $5


Make sure you go through the app store for the discounted books.

PC Mouse Bike

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PC Mouse BikeBit of a hard case Bike Mouse that records your typing speed by making the mouse go faster. A while ago I bought a a USB PC Mouse Bike. Searched the web for some drivers, but eventually found them on an old Hard Disk Drive.

For others looking for the drivers here they are:  mouse bike installation.zip

And I have it working on a Windows 7 machine. This is what I did:

Don't plug in the mouse and run set-up.

Then plug in the bike mouse. The drivers will try to install through Windows Update (the USB Bridge one will fail) Had to go to Control Panel > Device Manager > then locate the device with the error (USB bridge I think) . Click on Driver > Update Driver > Browse my Computer and get Windows to search the Driver Folder in the Mouse Bike Installation folder.

Run "Launch Mouse Bike" from the desktop and all going well the mouse should fire up.

If you open up Notepad the counter will show the Words per minute…


Black (Blank) screen on Laptop (Backlight Inverter)

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Issue: Have a problem with a laptop when screen went blank.

Quick check: If you shine a strong torch at the screen is there an image?

Possible problem: Backlight inverter

Apparently a common problem is a faulty backlight inverter. One quick test is to shine a torch onto the screen to see if the image is actually still there. On ours we used a Big dolphin torch and the image was still there. So have sourced a backlight inverter from trademe ( bwl http://www.trademe.co.nz/Members/Listings.aspx?member=512606 ) will update blog to show progress.

For Compaq there is a fix-it video “Replacing the laptop backlight inverter” on http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ucaJA324hbg

Well that didnt work so back to Dr Google

Possible problem: CCFL lamp

Possible problem is the CCFL lamp. This is much trickier to repair… we may give this a go to.. who knows and we’ll learn heaps as well.


Possible problem: Cables

Other resources:

Windows 7 – Missing drives (especially empty USB)

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From http://www.pp.co.nz newsletter

Show all of your Drives in Windows 7 Explorer
Depending on your system settings, when you go to computer in Windows Explorer, you might be in for a shock –> you may not see all your drives such as memory card readers if those drives are empty. If this disconcerts you, there’s a simple way for you to see them even if there’s nothing there:
1. Launch Windows Explorer and move below back-forward button and click on organize –> Folder and Search Options and move to View tab.
2. Under ‘Advanced settings’, uncheck box next to ‘Hide empty drives in Computer folder’. Click OK.
3. The empty drives would now be visible.

Mobile Phone Wi-fi access problem

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This is one of those chocolate fish problems. New mobile phone wouldn’t connect to Wi-fi.

Solution: make sure when entering the WEP code, alphabetic characters have the correct case.

Telecom’s Thompson modem tends to use uppercase characters, however phones (like keyboards) type in lowercase.

Electronic gizmos

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For a peek into the latest electronic gizmos – Chinavision


e.g.  Odyssey phone (like iPhone !)


Desktop utilities

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A collection of downloadable utilities to enhance your desktop. Object dock – a zooming menu (like mac) and fences (if you have lots of desktop icons)

Hard Disk Manager / Music maker (PC Authority Oct 09 Cover Disk)

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A useful utility on the cover disk of Australian PC authority ( http://www.pcauthority.com.au/ ) is Paragon’s Hard Disk Manager (9.5 SE)

I am often confronted with students who have trashed their Hard Drives (or the drive have magically trashed themselves). This utility allows you to create a complete backup of the drive. Additionally if you want to upgrade your HDD to a bigger one it has a wizard to do this.

Also included is Magix Music Maker Silver for those of you who want to create your own “original ” music.

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