Computing e-books for $5

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Computing e-books for $5

Make sure you go through the app store for the discounted books.

Adobe CS5 crash on launch

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When you launch a Creative Suite 5 application, the application unexpectedly quits with an error report that is similar to the following: (in the windows error box click on the show error link)

AppName: [application].exe AppVer: [app version] ModName: updaternotifications.dll ModVer: Offset: 0006a8dc


Too me all day to find this (including completely removing all adobe products from my PC!!)

Best/worst web sites page in wiki

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Just added a best/worst web site page to my wiki. Feel free to add/comment (you will need to login first)

Screen Recorders

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After a post on givaway of the day had  feedback about free screen recorders

Two that came up were

  1. Cam studio (open source) and
  2. the online  Screenr

To Flash or not to Flash this is the question…

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Looks like a tsunami of change again for Multimedia.

  • Flash CS5
  • Microsoft Visual studio/Silverlight
  • HTML5/CSS3/JavaScript?

With Steve Jobs firing a major salvo across Adobes bows:

(Thanks Steph)

I’m going to have to think about how we will deliver multimedia in the future.


The Top 50 Web Development Icon Sets from 2009

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From JS:

Lots of icons to give you ideas for your own ones.

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Just cause I want to remember this if I find I need it in the future 🙂
FusionCharts (n.d.)[1]
  • FusionCharts Free helps you create free flash charts in your web applications.
  • It supports a variety of chart types including bar, column, line, area, pie, doughnut
  • (donut), combination, funnel, Gantt etc

Freeware (donationware) Video Converter

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JJ has found a video converter

Huang, S. (2009) MediaCoder – more than a universal audio/video transcoder. Retrieved June 17, 2009 from

Video files (offline)

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Not sure about the legality, but for students (and you) to use youTube videos (offline) in presentations (especially if your organisation has a firewall that blocks YouTube) you can try which will allow them to download the videos.

Web reader that can be used anywhere

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WebAnywhere is a web-based screen reader for the web. It requires no special software to be installed on the client machine.

Interesting to get a web page and listen to how the page is read back.

WebAnywhere: A Screen reader on the go. Retrieved July 24, 2008 from

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