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A new Twitter follower for @virtualMv

However experience shows a 14 day free trial in an education setting just doesn’t work, and the pricing structure suggested does not work for students.

For education a trial needs to work over a minimum of a semester to be of any use, no student can devote enough time in 14 days (alongside their other assessment work) to create a useful artifact. There is nothing like having students learn then promote a product when they go into the workforce, and it doesn’t hurt to have a copy available for the lecturer either.

In the past some software companies have discretely watermarked with “Educational Copy”. In some cases “Educational Copy” was so visible as to make the software unusable – so we didn’t!! )

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This post will be a record of things I discover while trying to set up a Bluetooth framework for teaching (so this post will actually be more like a wiki and change!)

1. Speakers.

2. Mouse.

Configuration issues

Problem: Device disconnects

It appears that by default Windows power saving kills a USB device. The mouse connected would die and not reconnect. To disable this you need to

  1. go to Start > type in “Device Manager” >
  2. Expand Bluetooth Radios >
  3. Right click on Generic Bluetooth Adaptor + Properties, and
  4. uncheck “Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power”


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Following from the Twitter/Wordpress RSS into MediaWiki, I now have a Facebook page RSS feed working. Note that due to Privacy setting Facebook Groups do not RSS Feed.

Christina Bergey has written a blog providing good instructions for this at (note she has “groups” in the URL but this only works  for Facebook pages.

The following code will insert a Panel into your MediaWiki Wiki ( replace YourID, and YourPage)

<div style=”font-family: menu,Arial;border: 1px solid #808080; width: 250px; margin-right:auto;margin-left:auto;background-color: #F6F9ED;-webkit-box-shadow: 5px 5px 7px #999;”>
|[[File:Facebook.png|25px]] RSS from:<br /><hr width=”248px”/>

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Using RSS to put a WordPress or Twitter feed into Mediawiki (wikieducator)


I must thank my friend & colleague Steph Day for working behind the scenes into finding Amit  Agarwal’s connection between Twitter and MediaWiki via Google Drive Developer, and proving it could be done.


The RSS extension in MediaWiki allows you to feed from the WordPress RSS feed. Add the following to your MediaWiki page (but replace my WordPress blog with yours)



The following parameters are supported:

  • charset=… The charset used by the feed. iconv is used to convert this.
  • short Do not show the description text for each news item.
  • date Shows date/time stamp for each news item.
  • max=x Shows x most recent headlines.
  • highlight= term1 term2 The terms separated by a space are highlighted.
  • filter= term1 term2 Show only RSS items containing at least one of the terms.
  • filterout= term1 term2 Do not show any RSS items containing any terms
  • reverse Display the RSS items in reverse order

See complete article at


This is much more complicated since  in 2013 Twitter changed the way it allowed developers to access the Twitter Stream. An RSS feed unfortunately is not available, instead a JSON file is generated. However, using a bit of “magic” by creating a Google App allows you to convert the JSON file into an RSS feed which can then be accessed in MediaWiki.


 from  Digital Inspiration created the bridging program that performs the magic and has generously shared the instructions at

Examples of an RSS feed generated

You should replace the value of ‘q’ parameter in the URLs as per requirement.

Following Amit’s instructions I found one area that needed a little further explanation: For Step 2.  Configure your Google Script:

If you want to get a wrapper for your feed refer to the Sample page/instruction links at the start of this post.

Some Notes:

  • Don’t expect the RSS Feed to show older Tweets particularly for Search. After activating the gApp you may need to add a Tweet for it to appear in the panel.
  • Twitter Search does not necessarily return all the relevant Tweets in the Search. So in my classes I have had a lot of students post with my #vmvwiki hashtag and they have not shown up in the panel.  Unfortunately this is what Twitter have done and in 2013 this killed the student use of Twitter as a viable communication tool for Social Media in the classroom.

.. now to see if I can create an RSS Feed for a Facebook Group 🙂


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Teacher Confidence in use of technology

Teacher Confidence in use of technology

Diagram based on Mandinach & Cline by Mark Anderson where they talk about various stages of confidence related to technology (×485.png )

A social conference directory (links to Twitter/Linked-in) #vmvdlt

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Conferences listed and links to other people you are “socially” connected to.

mEducation – 35 Edu Experts on Improving Learning #vmvdlt

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An eBook in slideshare

Lectures Didn’t Work in 1350—and They Still Don’t Work Today #vmvdlt

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