Nine Posters from my students were presented at the 2015 CITRENZ  Conference in Queenstown. Poster papers can be found in the online Proceedings at

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Congratulations to

  1. [Research in IT] Protecting private data in telecommunications by increasing data security and privacy in New Zealand
    Vaidyanathan Balasubramanian, & Michael Verhaart 145
  2. [BCS Internship] Educational Development Centre Internship 2015
    Charlene Bannister, Stephanie Day, & Michael Verhaart 147
  3. [Research in IT] Business Process Management (BPM): Analysis of effectiveness in organizations and efficiency in integration with service management
    Raveesh Baskaran, & Michael Verhaart 150
  4. [Digital Learning Technology] Learning Health and Safety Requirements for KSLG Volunteers
    Andrew Hull, & Michael Verhaart 169
  5. [Digital Learning Technology] Gel Polish Nail Training
    Sharon James, & Michael Verhaart 171
  6. [Research in IT] Current smartphone’s security issues and its impact on society
    Er. Kamal Jyoti, & Michael Verhaart 175
  7. [Research in IT] Factors influencing cloud enterprises resource planning system adoption in New Zealand small and medium enterprises
    Arun Krishnan, & Michael Verhaart 178
  8. [Research in IT] Importance of Business Analyst in ICT projects in New Zealand
    Desmond .A. Rodrigues, & Michael Verhaart 184
  9. [Research in IT] SME Technology Spotlight: Capturing G-Readiness and sustainability innovation in NZ’s powerhouse
    Dee Verhaart, & Michael Verhaart 192